19 April 2007



Aluminum storm panels are the least expensive way to protect your property from hurricane force winds. We have three types of storm panels systems:.060 Aluminum, .050 Aluminum, and 20 gauge steel. These storm panels are approved by Dade County .


Accordion Shutters are designed to cover almost any type of opening and are ideal for larger openings such as sliding doors and across balconies. These shutters are excellent for store fronts and offer the toughest means of security for your home and business.
Accordion shutters offer an affordable, durable means of protection against storms and intruders. These shutters are equipped with a T-Handle lock on our standard shutter and a push button lock on our new High Velocity Accordion Shutter. Permanently fastened to your home or business, the accordion shutters are easily operated by one person from inside or outside

Our 950 series accordion shutters meet and exceed the impact and wind load requirements set by Dade County Florida. This ASSA Bertha accordion shutter comes with a 5-point locking system and it can also have a security key lock or thumb screw lock. The key locking style is our most common style. These shutters can easily lock from the outside or the inside. Standard Colors: White, Ivory, Beige, Bronze

New Product

Our 1050 series new High Velocity accordion shutter is the newest addition to our product line. The High Velocity accordion shutter has a unique design. This shutter is All Florida Code Approved and is approved by IBC - International Building Code. This shutter exceeds the toughest impact and wind loads requirements. It comes standard with a push button key lock for outside locking and a turn knob button for inside locking. With its new design, the High Velocity accordion shutter has a very sleek look, and with all the components that come with it, this is the best accordion shutter on the market today. Standard Colors: White, Ivory, Beige, Bronze

Rolling Shutters are the most convenient and easiest system to operate. Rolling shutters are customized to fit any application providing extraordinary strength and stability for hurricane and security protection. Especially in coastal areas, these products are becoming more and more popular due to their ability to withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris. They can be operated manually or motorized and can also have an emergency manual override.
Rolling shutters will reduce air conditioning and heat costs, lower noise by up to 70 percent, and protect furniture exposed to direct sunlight.

There are several types of rolling shutters which are designed for your specific needs. Hurricane approved, interior counters, product safe cases, garage door type applications, and security storefronts.

1200 Series Rolling Shutter - The Newest Shutter On The Market Today

55mm Slats Curved allows us to use smaller housings (box).
Tracks are equipped with double felt grooves for future felt replacement.
Storm Bars special design is stronger than others twice the size.
The Storm Bars also are equipped with felt to protect the slats.
Top Header unique design allows for cleaner and more uniform finish.
All Aluminum Extrusions come in standard colors: white, ivory, beige, and bronze.


Bahama shutters are an attractive alternative for hurricane protection. There are three types of bahamas:

  1. very strong extruded aluminum heavy shutter approved by Dade County.
  2. extruded aluminum shutter not as heavy as the first one but a very nice product.
  3. light weight bahama shutter made out of roll formed aluminum.

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